PRINCE GEORGE’S COUNTY, Md. (DC News Now) — Maryland Attorney General Anthony G. Brown filed a civil complaint on behalf of the Maryland Department of the Environment against World Recycling Company, located in Baltimore, and three other related entities.

According to the complaint, the company violated and continues to violate Maryland laws at a property located in Cheverly, Prince George’s County by operating an open dump, handling scrap tires without a license, operating a solid waste transfer station without a permit, and polluting the waters of the state without authorization of a water discharge permit.

The state also contends the company violated Maryland laws at its main property, located in Baltimore, by accepting and storing large quantities of solid waste, accepting hazardous medical wastes, improperly storing solid waste, open dumping, creating a nuisance, failing to control litter and rodents, and polluting waters of the State.

“World Recycling Company created an environmental hazard by operating open dumps of solid waste, violating Maryland’s environmental laws and, given the locations of the two facilities, disproportionately affecting overburdened communities and communities of color. It needs to be held accountable,” said Brown. “We are asking the Court to order WRC to cease violating the law, remedy the disaster they created, and make sure they are fully compliant with the law going forward.” 

The complaint, which was filed in the Circuit Court for Prince George’s County, is asking for civil penalties against World Recycling Company for violating Maryland’s environmental laws and regulations, permit conditions, and the terms of the original Consent Order.

The complaint also asks for an injunction to compel World Recycling Company to end open dumping, clean up both properties of all solid waste, and upgrade its operations to bring them into compliance with state and federal law.