PRINCE GEORGE’S COUNTY, Md. (DC News Now) — A Maryland teacher is taking her passion for teaching outside the classroom with her book “Caleb’s First Day of Third Grade.”

Shandeliha Walker is a mom and educator in Prince George’s County. She noticed at young age, boys were taught never to cry and release their emotions. So she decided to write a book show young boys it’s okay to release their emotions and cry.

“I want this book to start the conversations needed to reroute the stigma boys have with crying. I want children to know it’s okay to feel their emotions, and that emotions have no gender,” she said.

“My first children’s book is ‘Caleb’s First Day of Third Grade.’ It’s a story about a young boy getting hurt in school and feeling ashamed for crying. The purpose of the book is to let young boys know it’s okay to cry. It has a poem in it encouraging children to embrace their emotions because it’s normal,” she continued.

Walker launched her book in February of last year. Since then she released another book that focuses on other coping strategies for children. She feels accomplished about the impact she’s making on the lives of children and parents.

“It has shown me that I could actually achieve the dreams I had. It has also helped me network more, I’ve been forced out of my shyness to spread the message,” she said.


Walker currently works with students from low income and first generation families, during her day job she aspires to continue to make a positive impact in the lives of children.