PRINCE GEORGE’S COUNTY, Md. (DC News Now) — Most students across the DMV are already using artificial intelligence (AI), sometimes without even knowing it.

“For schools, it’s really like, how do we make sure that our teachers are on the same wavelength,” said Alex Kotran, Co-Founder & CEO of The AI Education Project. “The take-home essay is dead, like we need to redesign assessments.”

Kotran is taking Prince George’s County Public Schools (PGCPS) into the future, with help from a $1 million grant from PGCPS alum Sam Brin.

Brin is the founder of the Pull Up Fund, the organization is made up of philanthropists and has provided the school system with funding for up to three years.

“[Brin] came to us because he was really concerned…watching the sort of fast pace of advances in artificial intelligence,” Kotran said.

Kotran is introducing the school system to popular AI apps, such as ChatGPT, as well as some that are less popular.

“I saw an opportunity for PGCPS to take a proactive approach to AI in the classroom. I’m excited for PGCPS to emerge as a leader and help set the bar for AI education and readiness,” Brin said in a statement to DC News Now.

Kotran, who sat down with DC News Now from his San Francisco home, has already made visits to the county.

He held his first training in July, with over 170 teachers and administrators in Prince George’s County schools.

“Even in the next two years, if you graduate high school and you don’t know how to use AI tools, you will be out-competed by your peers,” he said. “We’re showing them how to turn the sports car on, let alone how to drive it and ideally how to drive it safely.”