BELTSVILLE, Md. (DC News Now) — People who live at an apartment complex are keeping their eyes open after reports that a reptile is wandering their area of Prince George’s County. Residents at the Lighthouse at Twin Lakes Apartments are on high alert after reports of a reptile on the loose.

Some of the tenants of Lighthouse at Twin Lakes Apartments in Beltsville said they have seen it in pictures people have shared. No official agency has released images, but some think the reptile in question could be a tegu lizard, a black and white lizard that can grow to four to five feet long and weigh up to 10 pounds.

“I hope I don’t run into it because I would not like to be confronted with that thing,” Denroy Shirley, a resident of the apartment complex, said.

Linda Mendoza, a resident of the apartment complex, said tenants got an email reporting the loose reptile.

“Some residents had seen a reptile on the property that they described as just looking like an alligator, and that we should all be cautious when we come outside and especially when we’re walking our dogs,” she said.

DC News Now reached out to the Maryland Department of Natural Resources and the apartment complex for comment but did not heard back from anyone by late Wednesday night.