GREENBELT, Md. (DC News Now) — The General Services Administration (GSA) selected Greenbelt as the new home for the FBI headquarters on Wednesday. On Thursday, Prince George’s County leaders reflected on what could this mean for the local economy.

“The excitement level is definitely way beyond 10,” said Angie Rodgers, Deputy Chief Administrator for Economic Development in the county.

The FBI Headquarters is expected to be built on the 61-acre land near Greenbelt Metro Station. Rodgers said it will be a boom for businesses during the construction and operations phase of the new headquarters.

“We have envisioned for that site, a roughly 2 million square feet of mixed-use developments that’s a hotel, office, residential, retail, restaurants to complement the new headquarters. So that’s additional opportunity for businesses,” she added.

U.S. Representative Glenn Ivey is looking forward to the new project.

“Building the headquarters is going to be great for the building trades. for construction workers. This will be great for current employees who work at headquarters downtown, and I think about 40% of them live in Prince George’s County,” said Ivey.

This big project could also mean prices in the area could go up for housing and businesses — but Rodgers said they’re going to try their best to avoid that.

“County Executive Alsobrooks says all the time, we cannot have quality economic development without affordable housing. We would definitely be looking at prioritizing our resources for delivering affordable housing,” said Rodgers.

The goal is to get surrounding local businesses to stay when this new project comes to the area.

Rodgers said her department learned a lot from the Purple Line construction, and it is aiming to ensure everything runs smoothly for local businesses in this project.

“It’s going to require the attention of us as government to make sure that we’re looking after those businesses that have been with us all along to make sure that they can stay,” she said.

It’s still early to tell, but leaders say this decision will do a lot of good for the county.

“This decision by GSA is really kind of the cherry on top of all the work that we’ve been doing to grow our economy and to make sure that we can continue to deliver for decades to come for Prince George’s County residents,” Rodgers said.