UPPER MARLBORO, Md. (DC News Now) — On Tuesday a former Prince George’s County officer was sentenced to 45 days behind bars after choking and assaulting a teenage boy back in 2020 in the Suitland area. 

The victim Kayvon Hines, now 20 years old says he doesn’t believe 45 days is enough for what he went through but he also says it sends a message that police can and will be held accountable if you fight for justice.

The past few years have been a mental rollercoaster for Hines. “I was just afraid, just even to go up the street, or go to the store,” he said. 

In October 2020, Hines was approached by former Prince George’s County officer Cpl. Darryl Wormuth after playing basketball with his friends. 

Prosecutors say Wormuth approached the teen without reason, and when Hines declined to have a conversation with the officer things escalated. 

“Mr. Hines ran away, he knew he wasn’t doing anything wrong and didn’t want to have an interaction,” said Aisha Braveboy, Prince George’s County State’s Attorney. 

Hines says he was compliant after he was handcuffed. 

“I knew to show that I’m not going against them, and just show that I’m cooperating and I’m not doing anything to be a problem,” said Hines. 

Helicopter video shows two officers handcuffing Hines. As he’s being walked to the police car – wormuth approaches him, chokes, and assaults him. 

“The type of damage that could have resulted in is unimaginable at this point…. But mentally and emotionally this incident will stay with this young man for the rest of his life,” said Braveboy. 

During Wormuth’s case, text messages in group chats involving other officers revealed Wormuth made several inappropriate comments in a “racist tone,” about several cases including his own. 

“We are also going to expose those officers who are racist who are bias against our residents, and have conducted themselves outside of their general order,” said Braveboy.

She says many of those officers are on the “do not call” list where they are not allowed to testify in court. 

In court, on Tuesday Wormuth was sentenced to 45 days in jail, for assault and misconduct. 

Prosecutors say it’s not enough but it sends a clear message.

“We are not going to tolerate, accept or protect officers who do the wrong thing,” said Braveboy. 

Hines believes it’s a start to change and police accountability. 

“I’m here to say you can speak up about it and something can happen about it,” said Hines.