PRINCE GEORGE’S COUNTY, Md. (DC News Now) — Prince George’s County leaders are giving away free security cameras to help combat crime and keep neighborhoods safe.

This move comes nearly one year after an unsolved case where a 13-year-old was killed in front of his Temple Hills home.

The Jayz Agnew Security Program was established by the Prince George’s County Council after the teen was shot and killed while raking leaves in his front yard last November.

Many neighbors did not have security cameras to capture the incident, which makes it harder for police to find any suspects in this case. Now, District 8 councilmember Edward Burroughs is trying to change that by giving out free security cameras through a partnership with Joan’s House Inc.

“Different days, you have different triggers,” said Jayz Agnew’s mother, Juanita Agnew.

Juanita Agnew is grieving her son while still holding on to hope the police will one day find the people responsible for killing her son. She said she knows if one of her neighbors had a working security camera, police would have had a lead.

“There’s no question in my mind that footage would have been able to give us some guidance as to who did this. Some kind of identification or the car,” said Juanita Agnew.

The goal of the program is to help prevent the circumstances of this incident from happening again, while also ensuring residents feel safe.

“Having surveillance camera can help with crimes, shootings or even illegal dumping. So it’s just so much that we can get in these modern days [to help] solve by having cameras around,” Juanita Agnew said.

To be eligible for the District 8 camera program, residents need to live in a single-family home without a a security camera, have WIFI, a working email and a smartphone.

Despite Jayz Agnew’s case being unsolved, his mom believes free cameras through this program will make a difference in someone’s life, and she’s happy her son’s legacy lives on in a positive way.

“I know that it has the potential of helping another mother and has the potential of solving another crime and for me, that’s big,” she said. “No other family should have to go through.”

District 7 councilmember Krystal Oriadha also launched a security camera for residents in her district through non-profit Community On the Frontline. Residents can apply to receive a camera and funds for a one year subscription.

In honor of the one year anniversary of Jayz Agnew’s death, the community is rallying together to stand against gun violence through a march on Nov. 11th at 2 p.m. His mother says they will walking his route from school to home. The walk will begin at 2501 Olsen St. in Temple Hills and end at their home on Jameson Street.

“We are walking to send a clear message that gun violence will never be tolerated and that justice must be served for the murder of our son,” she said.

Jayz Agnew case still remains unsolved. A reward of $25,000 is being offered to anyone information and is encouraged to call Prince George’s County Police Department.

Residents can register and find information about the District 8 camera program through Joan’s House Inc.