HAGERSTOWN, Md. (DC News Now) — A Maryland bill has been proposed in order to protect school staff from lawsuits that come from intervening in fights or other student misconduct. But the question remains if this bill is passed, will it truly make a difference in teachers feeling safe?

“Teachers are part of the authority for the kids while in school, so they should be treated as such,” said Karla Adriana, who is a parent of two elementary school students.

Delegate Robin Grammer sponsored the bill which would exempt teachers from being named in lawsuits if they had to intervene in a school fight or discipline students involved.

Karla Ariana says it’s the school staff’s responsibility to act during altercations.

“If my kids are involved in some type of fight or altercation with another kid, I would feel better if an adult’s going to step in. Do what’s right, which is to separate the kids,” said Adriana.

Currently, the law requires the school board to be financially responsible for any lawsuits against an educator. Although the bill wouldn’t completely change this it would clarify what an educator can and can not be liable for.

“I think it’s important if we want good teachers, we need to protect them and not be threatening to jeopardize their jobs,” said Joan Harvey, who supports the proposed bill.

The bill is set to be heard in the general assembly on Wednesday and if the bill is passed it will take effect on October first.