MOUNT AIRY, Md. (WDVM) — Puppy pose, downward-facing dog, and Nama-stay are all typical phrases heard in a yoga studio. But they were also heard, alongside the occasional bark and woof, at Red Shedman Farm Brewery where yogis were joined by some special furry friends, all for a good cause.

Yogis and dogs took to the mat for an hour flow session hosted by Doggy Noses and Yoga Poses. The event group hosts dog yoga classes at breweries all along the East Coast and their sessions not only offer yogis and dog lovers alike a mindful yoga flow with some furry friends but also bring awareness and fundraise for local animal rescue groups.

Sunday’s session featured dogs from PetConnect Rescue, a non-profit focused on saving and fostering dogs and cats at high risk of being euthanized. The organization is purely foster-based and works to transition rescued dogs and cats through foster care homes and eventually onto their forever homes. Nina Price, a volunteer, dog foster parent, and owner of two rescue dogs, explains that events like Sunday’s dog yoga class play a huge role in the foster home and adoption process for the dogs at PetConnect Rescue.

“We’re purely foster-based and this is how our dogs get seen in person for potential adoption, to find their forever homes, their forever people,” Price explained. “Events like this puts them out there and people share it on social media. They get seen and maybe taken home.”

Stephanie Leimenstoll and her daughter, Katie, took their first dog yoga class a number of years ago and were constantly on the lookout for another class. As the owners of two rescue dogs, they were more than excited to hop on the mat all while supporting organizations that work to help dogs like their own.

“We wanted to do a class and we thought this is a great way to take advantage of doing a yoga class but also support the rescue group,” Stephanie explained.

Katie loved being able to interact with the four foster pups while moving through her poses and made sure they were always welcome on her mat, even when one of the dogs stole her socks.

“We were doing poses and stuff and then we get knocked out of them by the dogs coming over and like touching your face,” Katie said, beaming. “It was great seeing the dogs getting attention and getting hopefully a home.”

Kelly Krichten is an event manager at Doggy Noses and Yoga Poses. She first found the organization after attending a class and was immediately drawn into their work as an owner of two rescue dogs, she was more than excited to host Sunday’s class at her family’s brewery.

“We have so many different rescue organizations, not only in this area but nationwide that really need our support,” Krichten said. “There are millions of dogs in need of homes and raising money for these different rescues can help them bring in more dogs can help them with feeding the dogs and finding more fosters and it’s really important that we keep that as something in our forefront.”

Currently, in the DMV area, there are 162 animals, 101 cats and 61dogs, in foster care with PetConnect rescue. for more information on how you can foster a furry friend, please visit their website.