Hagerstown Ham Radio Club participated in an annual nationwide emergency radio drill. 

On Field Day, a group of amateur radio operators get together simulating an emergency situation including our local Hagerstown Ham Radio Club.

The annual event draws operators from all over the country to participate and be prepared in any catastrophic event. 

“Where the cells phones aren’t working, landlines aren’t working, state radio systems aren’t working,” said John Reginaldi, Regional Liason Officer for Western Maryland.

The Maryland Emergency Management Agency has been working with these operators for years. They depend on amateur radio operators to establish those line of communication for them.  

John McFerren said he’s been interested in amateur radio for a long time. And now he’s part of this group letting people know the importance they play in the community. 

“Our goal is to see where we can reach… How many we can reach in these conditions which typically aren’t our best set up where you may have an antennae on a tower.. Outside your home or even between the trees,” he said. 

“That radio operators and their equipments are here when everything else fails,” said Butch Eigenbrode, Antietam Radio Association Emergency Coordinator. 

Over 35,000 ham and clubs are expected to participate in this annual drill.