HAGERSTOWN, Md. ( WDVM ) — Taking care of your pets can be challenging especially during a pandemic but organizations like Regency Relief want to help.

The organization launched a four-week campaign to aid pet families, organizers say they want to extend a hand to any local pet owners in need of support.

The campaign began in Hagerstown at the Office of Consumer Advocates. They provided food and other resources to owners so they can properly care for their pets even if they’re facing financial hardship.

Organizers say since the pandemic began some shelters have increased with animals because owners can no longer afford to care for them, so they are hoping this campaign will make a difference.

“There are so many folks that are here to help, and we’re going to do our part. I hope that anybody who’s in need, can get this message and stop by one of our regency relief distribution sites so we can help you out.” said Scott Buttz, Chief Operating Officer for Regency.