OXON HILL, Md. (DC News Now) — Help for people in Prince George’s County struggling to pay their rent could be on the way.

Affordable housing is a big issue for many cities, including Laurel, Bladensburg and Greenbelt.

Now, leaders are hoping to make changes on the county level through rent stabilization.

“Prices of rent are way too high. People are spending 50, 60, 70% of their income just to have a roof over their heads having to turn to food banks because they’re food insecure. Having to cut back on a lot of other stuff as well,” said Jose Carnados Flores, who works for CASA, an advocacy group pushing for affordable housing.

He said they need county leaders to stop landlords from rent gouging.

“We want it to be an annual cap on how much landlords can increase attendance rent. So for example, we want something as low as 1.5% for the whole year, that rent cannot increase,” Flores said.

Krystal Oriadha, the council member for District 7, said she’s looking to introduce a bill to provide relief for renters.

“Holding rents for about six months to give us a time to bring all the stakeholders to the table and write permanent more comprehensive legislation that makes sure that it doesn’t do anything to stop new development, but it makes sure that we also make sure people own their homes and they’re not priced out of the market,” Oriadha said.

“(It is) so important that we prevent these apartment management companies from raising their rents 50, 60% in one year that’s crippling our residents and is frankly unacceptable. So we’re gonna put a stop to that,” said the bill’s co-sponsor Edward Burroughs.

Councilmember Wanika Fisher said she supports the bill, but there are also many other important factors impacting the quality of life.

“They need workforce development when it comes to their jobs and their income. They also need a variation of housing stock, you know, an affordable rate,” Fisher said.