MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Md. (DC News Now) — In Montgomery County, there’s a program that offers more affordable rents at a number of apartment complexes, but renters are complaining on social media, saying it isn’t enough.

Renter Vito Anastasia started looking into the county’s moderately priced dwelling unit program after his rent increased by 23 percent. He says the program was one of the only options he can afford but quickly realized how difficult they were to secure. 

“To me, it’s saying they don’t want us here and you can only live in Montgomery County if you make a certain income,” said Anastasia.

Anastasia runs a page called MoCo Local Md on Twitter and shared his frustrations with the program such as lack of oversight, consistent policies, and follow-up procedures. Multiple other residents also shared their similar experiences.

“It is a limited number with high demand and of the 31 hundred very few are turning over every year,” says The Department of Housing Community Affairs Deputy Director.

County Executive Marc Elrich says the almost 40 year program is outdated so plans to propose legislation to revamp it.

“I think it makes sense to require central reporting and to require notification to the county when they know a unit is vacant,” said Elrich.

For more information about the MPDU program, click here.