FREDERICK COUNTY, Md. (WDVM) — COVID-19 has been a hot topic for the past two years. Many people have recovered from the virus, and some unfortunately passed, but for those who got COVID and still experience symptoms months– or even years later, may feel a different type of discouragement.

To combat this discouragement residents in Frederick county Maryland are calling on the Biden administration to help those who suffer from long-term COVID symptoms. 

Residents and local advocacy groups say Long term COVID leaves most without the ability to work or provide, which is why residents developed a Long COVID Call to Action– this action is essentially a petition from the Long COVID Community to President Biden, expressing the Financial struggle and other essential needs the community is lacking.

The action calls for the immediate creation of Long COVID Assistance Programs and a Long COVID Task Force. 

“We’re looking at numbers with unemployment and potentially some of those numbers could be a result of people sick from COVID, and from experiencing long-term COVID symptoms. Many long COVID residents can’t do what they need to do to provide and take care of themselves. So, we really just felt this information needs to get out there,” said Kelli Reid, caretaker and wife of a long-term COVID patient.

Organizers say they hope President Biden will discuss long COVID during the upcoming State of the Union address. 

To get involved, email