FREDERICK, Md. (DC News Now) — There’s a big divide over the future of a landmark in Frederick Maryland… Sugarloaf Mountain.

The County Council heard new amendments to the ‘Sugarloaf Plan’ Tuesday.

The current rezoning plan paves the way for more development, but with restrictions.

Councilman Phil Dacey proposed two changes in the meeting, one of which would remove the mountain from the plan.

Dacey says he wants to preserve the acres of farmland.

“Sugarloaf mountain is a privately owned mountain. It’s a great deal for Frederick county residents. They get to enjoy the entire mountain or classes that go there. Public schools take trips there, so there’s a lot of activities on the mountain. This is at no cost to the taxpayers of Frederick County,” said Dacey.

Stronghold Incorporated, who owns sugarloaf mountain, is against rezoning. It’s threatened that if the plan goes through, it will close the mountain to visitors.

Councilman Phil Dacey and Kai Hagen where on opposite sides of the controversial issue. Hagen said if there is no development the area will turn into an island.

“We’ve been told the county will somehow suffer economically if we don’t develop this small stretch of the west side of 270 will be you know, negligent and hurt the county economically. Montgomery County hasn’t touched it,” said Hagen.

People who live near the mountain aren’t happy about the changes either.

“I am one of those property owners. I live right on route 80 right across from the developers land. My farm sits across from his and if this amendment passes, what will it do to the value of my farm?” said Johanna Springston.

Stronghold Incorporated has declined to comment.