FREDERICK COUNTY, Md. (DC News Now) — Neighbors got a chance to weigh in on Frederick County’s Sugarloaf plan on Tuesday night, but there was a lot of confusion for neighbors who live within the boundaries of the zoning area.

The Frederick County Planning Commission said that their main goal is to preserve the Sugarloaf area, but a group of neighbors showed up to the meeting mostly wearing green to voice their concerns. They said they don’t trust some of the motives.

Ingrid Rosencrantz is a part of the Sugarloaf Alliance and one of the thousands of people who believe that the developer who opposes the plan has a hidden agenda.

“It concerns me greatly that the developer would put in data centers as close as 600 yards to the battlefield boundary. It is totally inappropriate in this unique scenic area,” Rosencrantz said.

The council is scheduled to vote on whether or not to approve the Sugarloaf plan on October 18.