FREDERICK, Md. (WDVM) — Imagine someone walking out to their car and realize that their vehicle’s tires are gone.

Unfortunately, some residents in the City of Frederick, Maryland, have experienced this first hand, and police want community members to be on high alert.

Over the past few weeks, the Frederick Police Department received several reports about tires and wheels being stolen off residents’ cars.

Most Recently folks living in the Prospect Hall Apartment Complex were robbed by these thieves.

However, Frederick police say, until these perps are found, residents should take precaution.

“Somethings people can do is buy a wheel lock, and put a wheel lock on their vehicle, that way no one can remove the tires without a lock, and other solution is parking closer to the curb, that way it will be harder for someone to remove the tires and rims.”

It is also suggested to install an alarm with a sensor, park in a secure, well-lit area, and turn your wheels to a 45-degree angle to make lug nuts more difficult to remove.

Police believe these stolen parts are being sold online or through different platforms. They urge anyone with information to reach out to the department.