MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Md. (DC News Now) — A Montgomery County gun shop co-owner was arrested and charged after he shot at a police officer’s unmarked patrol car.

42-year-old Andrew S. Raymond was charged with first-degree assault and related handgun offenses.

According to police, just after midnight Tuesday morning, an officer was on proactive patrol because of the increase in gun store burglaries. Police said that that’s when Raymond ran towards the officer’s unmarked car and began shooting.

Police said the car was hit twice, but the officer was not injured. When he signaled that it was the police, Raymond immediately stopped, dropped his weapon and raised his hands.

Montgomery County Police Assistant Police Chief Nicholas Augustine said he believes the owner thought robbers were about to target his store.

“We have worked with this gun store employee in the past and he has reported suspicious vehicles to us recently that he has noticed driving through an overnight hours,” said Augustine. “He did stay to us that he was staying in his store later in evenings and properly overnight, to make sure his store did not become victimized.”

The ATF is now working with police in Montgomery and Anne Arundel Counties after there were 5 burglaries and attempted burglaries of gun stores between November 19 and 28.

According to police, in multiple of these incidents, a group of people rammed a stolen car into the store.

Despite gaining entry on multiple occasions, the burglars walked away empty-handed — except on Thanksgiving Day, when they stole 7 pistols and 5 rifles from Atlantic Guns in Rockville. It is unclear if the guns were properly stored. 

“It’s unclear on what the intent is of the person that is committing these crimes,” said Augustine. “It’s important that we immediately get these back and ensure that they weren’t used in any type of crime or being sold across state lines are two other places.”

The last reported attempt happened on November 28 at Scott’s Gunsmithing in Glen Burnie. Two teenagers from Montgomery County were arrested for removing guns from display cases.

Investigators are still trying to determine if these incidents in both counties are connected and still occurring.