MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Md. (WDVM) — First there were taxis, then Uber and Lyft came and revolutionized ridesharing as we know it. Now, there’s another company on the scene called Rubi Rides, which is a safe, trusted rideshare for minors.

Noreen Butler founded the company in 2019. As a working single mom, she knew she couldn’t be everywhere at once, and she needed someone to pick up her kids and take them to their activities. She looked for a driver who could meet her families needs, and thus Rubi Rides was birthed.  

What makes Rubi Rides different the emphasis the company puts on safety. Every step of the drive is tracked. Drivers alert families when they’re en route, when their children are picked up, and when they get dropped off.

“Safety is at the forefront of everything we do, so yes, we are different in that, we’re always talking about safety, we’re always thinking about safety,” said Butler.

With Rubi Rides every driver is thoroughly vetted, so you know who’s driving your precious family member around. For many, that brings about a new peace of mind.

Michelle Jacoby uses the service to get her youngest son to and from school. She says using Rubi Rides has put her at ease.

“Wherever we need to get him, we can get him there safely with a trusted driver who we know has been very carefully vetted and someone who is going to be on time and take great care of our child, who’s interested in making sure our child was comfortable. They let us know when he’s picked up when they’re en route, when he’s picked up, and when he’s dropped off so it just gives us peace of mind. Its been a wonderful experience,” said Jacoby.