HAGERSTOWN, Md. (DC News Now) — Healthcare centers are among many places impacted by Covid-19, especially those serving rural areas.

Now, close to 300 healthcare organizations will receive extra financial help from the government. One of them, right here in Hagerstown Maryland.

“The funds help with replacing worn-out medical equipment, lost hospital revenue depleted medical supplies, depleted food pantries, and over-extended staffing,” USDA rural development state director, David Baker said.

During the pandemic, brook lane health services had to shut down some of its in-patient beds to avoid the spread of covid. This resulted in a huge loss in revenue.

“When you’re paid on the basis of inpatient beds and folks that are staying the in the hospital, it makes it very challenging when you shut down units and you’re not receiving revenue for that,” brook lane services development director, Chris Boryan explained. ” This particular grant is helping us recover from that loss of revenue that was directly related to the pandemic.”

The grant money will give brook lane the opportunity to recover economically while serving the community.

“It’s a tremendous opportunity for us, and it’ll certainly help go a long way and will help us to continue to provide services to the community that is in need of mental health services,” Boryan said.

The emergency rural health care grant will also help expand health services in 42 other states across the country.