HAGERSTOWN, Md. (WDVM) — The Salvation Army in Hagerstown received a donation from Sheehy Hagerstown to use toward their new youth and teen program.

The donation included things like basketballs, a tv, and speaker systems. The items will be used in the program which will include a space for teens called the basement and a space for the Red Shield Club for school-aged children.

“Teenagers in middle school and high school can come and they can have a space that is their own where they can have educational support leisure activities as well and the items behind me are going to go to support that program,” said Captain Jimmy Taylor Corps Officer of the Salvation Army in Hagerstown.

The program will also offer educational resources and emotional support.

“Holidays are here and we thought they could use some help and one of our ways of giving back is providing that help,” said Anthony Schifano Sheehy Hagerstown.