BOONSBORO, Md. (WDVM) — San Mar is a foster and treatment care facility that offers support and assistance to children and youth who have experienced trauma. San Mar is now in need of community support as they work to overcome challenges faced through the pandemic.

Like many businesses, organizations and non-profits, San Mar has faced difficulty during the pandemic.

“I think one of our biggest challenges is foster parents and recruitment I think people are scared during COVID, you know bring youth into their home kind of open themselves up and so we have seen a decline in foster care interest,” said Mercede Robinson, clinical director for treatment foster care.

“With COVID especially you know kids have struggled to maintain positive outlooks on life and we know that one of the building blocks to good mental health is to be able to hold onto a dream,” explained Elisa Hermes, director of development for San Mar.

San Mar needs community support. That’s why they’re starting a new initiative to highlight their mission and it’s all about looking towards a dream.

“So we came up with the dream raffle because the proceeds will benefit the kids that we serve helping them to hold onto dreams but it gives every community member an opportunity to take part and maybe win their dream vacation or dream experience,” said Hermes.

People can buy tickets on San Mar’s website or in-person in the community through the end of April.

The Dream Raffle ultimately aims to give kids the inspiration to dream even through hardship.

“For us, the focus is to really say hey you can be these things you can have a future, things can be great it may not feel that way right now but look to the future,” said Robinson.