BRUNSWICK, Md. (WDVM) — “No longer going to be taking my children to the public library system until they can prove that it is a safe place for children,” Heather Fletcher said.

Fletcher was talking about a display of LGBTQ-themed books and movies. The library system brought out replacements for the same materials she checked out earlier this week, literally removing all 20 of them from the library.

“I just don’t want that available for my children to see,” Fletcher said.

She says the subject is inappropriate for children.

“Mainly, there are a lot of terms that were displayed on the display that my children do not know about yet and it would have forced me to have to talk to them about things that I don’t feel are they’re ready for,” Fletcher explained.

Fletcher says the books should be put in the adult section where children won’t see them.

“We value everyone’s feedback and concerns and we hear her, but it’s our job to promote a diverse collection for our entire community,” Samantha Jones, communication director for Frederick County libraries, said.

Jones said it is important for the library to represent the entire community, and that removing the books amounted to censorship.

“Which is why the display remains up and was restocked right after she left,” Jones said.

The Director of the Frederick LGBTQ center, Kris Fair, said that what’s inappropriate is checking out all the books to keep others from accessing them. He says there are better ways to address the concern.

“My initial reaction was that how unfortunate it is that anybody would take it upon themselves to remove the opportunity for others to learn unless your actual objective was to learn yourself,” Fair said. “We are all better when we are enlightened together when we learn things from one another.”

The books that Fletcher checked out have since been returned to the library. She says she intends to use her campaign for the school board to address this and other issues involving children in schools.