RIVERDALE, Md. (DC News Now) — People in Riverdale are recovering from severe flooding once again after a storm system moved across the area.

“We just have to close up the shop and get some kind of towels, lock the doors, and make sure the water doesn’t come in,” said Alex Posada, owner of Posada’s Auto Repair.

That was Posada’s plan in response to flooding that took place on Monday. Hours after he talked about the plan Wednesday, another storm flooded roads near Kenilworth Avenue and Riverdale Road.

Cars were stuck on the road, and a nearby river overflowed.

Later, when the water receded, there was a lot of backed-up traffic because the traffic lights were not working.

This summer, parts of the Prince George’s County have experienced a lot of damage from severe weather. Ronald Gill, Director of Emergency Management, said he’s never seen summer weather like this.

“We may experience two or three of these events within the summertime or the season, but nothing to this magnitude. Many are attributed to climate change,” he said.

Gill provided this guidance to consider when there’s a potential for flash flooding:

  1. Get to higher ground to avoid areas that most likely will flood.
  2. Do not drive or walk into the water. It only takes 6 inches to knock you off your feet.
  3. Stay informed.

Prince George’s County has an alert system. You can sign up to receive weather-related information in your specific area.

“We’ve activated our emergency operation center, and by activating that, that allows us to communicate with our municipalities, our county government and all our partners in government. As the event word gets escalated higher. We can bring in other agencies to work with us right now,” said Gill. “We’re also monitoring social media, and that will be very important to during the event we can see where activities are we can communicate with our 911 Center along with police and fire and EMS departments if additional resources are needed.”

On Thursday, people across the state can receive assistance through a virtual disaster center hosted by the Maryland Insurance Administration.