HAGERSTOWN, Md. (DC News Now) — From very unfortunate circumstances there is now a bright light.  Scores of beagle puppies in a puppy mill have been rescued, and one big-hearted business in the region is stepping in to help.

The U.S. Department of Justice contacted the Humane Society of the United States with information that a puppy mill in Virginia was breeding as many as 4,000 beagles for scientific research. Now that the mill has been shut down, the journey of finding homes for all of the puppies begins.

“We have the chance to give these dogs the life they deserve and to make sure that this doesn’t happen to them again,” said Kitty Block, CEO and president of the Humane Society of the United States.

Some dogs were brought to Maryland, where they are being cared for while placing them in loving homes. One local business stepped up to help.

Sheehy Automotive General Manager Anthony Schifano said, “Sheehy Subaru of Hagerstown is happy to help in this effort and have some fun with these beagles.”

“These are precious lives and they deserve great homes and this really should start the conversation about why were we breeding them in the first place,” said Block.  “Why are they going into research that’s unnecessary?

The Sheehy Subaru family is proud to be a partner in the effort.

“Thank you again to the humane society of the united states for stepping in to help these animals out and we’re glad that we can be a really small part of it,” says Schifano.

From their Maryland staging area, Sheehy got some dogs homes as far away as in Southern California. Prince Harry and Dutchess Meghan have adopted one of these beagles, who is now named Mamma Mia.

The Subaru Dealers of North America matched Sheehy Subaru’s contribution to join in the effort to find homes for the pups.