THURMONT, Md. (WDVM) — As part of the effort the honor the veterans during the Wreath Across America week, Sheetz delivers around 5,000 wreaths across the region. A couple hundred of these wreaths were delivered in Thurmont, with the town’s Lions Club sponsoring most of them.

After changing drivers and dropping off some wreaths in Baltimore, the truck arrived in American Legion Post 168 with a police and fire truck escort. The post is set to store around 570 wreaths carried by Sheetz from Maine, and those will be placed at Wellers Cemetery and Blue Ridge Cemetery on Saturday’s ceremony.

“This is an amazing program, and the fact that Sheetz has volunteered their time and their drivers to bring the wreaths to us is amazing and we can’t thank them enough for that,” said Carie Stafford, who oversaw the delivery to Thurmont.

The Lion’s Club in Thurmont sponsored the wreath from last year as well.

Carie Stafford (Left) and Dianne McLean (Right) spoke to WDVM about the wreath delivery.

“We started it last year, the lions club does donate a larger portion of funds, we work with the community to gain funds for the purchase of wreaths, but lions club does pay out the larger portion of the cost,” said Dianne McLean, the president of the Thurmont Lions Club.

“We would like to continue to do [the event] annually. We feel strongly about the veterans in town,” McLean added.

Rick, a relief truck driver hauled wreaths from Baltimore to Thurmont. His wife, Patricia on the left, arrived in Thurmont with him.

Rick, who took over the responsibility from the previous driver, hauled the wreaths from Baltimore to Frederick.

“It’s an honor to do this.” he said.