FREDERICK, Md. (WDVM) — Hood College has enacted a shelter-in-place on campus after one person tested positive for COVID-19.

The order began Sunday night, and is expected to last 72 hours, unless it is further extended. Hood College says one person has tested positive, but 14 students were moved into quarantine, exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19. Those students are being tested but have not yet gotten results.

“Although we only have one confirmed case at this time, it is prudent to exercise extreme caution for the safety of our community and to allow us to better understand the extent to which the virus is present on campus,” said Hood College President Dr. Andrea Chapdelaine in a letter to parents and students.

According to the letter, the shelter-in-place will last until at least 7 a.m. Thursday, September 10. All classes will shift to virtual learning. In-person internships will be suspended for the next few days, at least. Faculty who need to get into offices, labs, or classrooms in order to teach will be allowed on campus. Otherwise, employees will work remotely unless they are essential personnel.

Hood College is asking students who live on campus to stay in their rooms as much as possible. They’re allowed to leave to use restrooms or pick up food. There will be no in-person dining on campus and off-campus food delivery will not be allowed.

Hood College says students should not leave campus unless they have off-campus jobs or other obligations that cannot be cancelled. Students with those circumstances have to tell their RA and will be required to get tested for COVID-19 on Tuesday.

Chapdelaine concluded her note to the community by reminding students, if rules are not followed to stop the spread of COVID-19, campus will stay closed.