WILLIAMSPORT, Md. (DC News Now) — About 30 union workers are on strike at a Sherwin-Williams company after their demands for pay and insurance have not been met.

“We’ve been told that we’re like on the top producing plants and in the division,” Union Chair Travis Miller said. “It’s time to be rewarded for it.”

Members from United Auto Workers Local 171 went on strike last month after the contract between workers and management expired.

“We want a better pay scale than what we have, Miller explained. “We had an insurance cap on our insurance benefits that they want to take away, we want to cap on how many hours they can demand this work also.”

President of the UAW local 171 released a statement that said, “We are in the middle of our 5th week of a strike against the company and see no end in sight. We are hoping for a fair contract settlement, that is fair and equitable.”

DC News Now reached out to the company but did not receive a reply.

Even though the strike has slowed production, both workers and the Sherwin corporate office plan to work out an agreement that satisfies both parties.

“We felt it was coming,” Miller said. “I was prepared, and I was trying to prepare my guys it.”

Several workers say they will remain on strike until their demands are met.