Have you ever tried juicing?

Studies show that people who put their favorite fruits and vegetables in a juicing machine actually lose nutrients in the process.

Juice extracted from fruits and vegetables will contain vitamins, minerals and other plant nutrients. But when you “juice” some of the healthy fiber is lost. This is because juice extractors separate the juice from the fiber-rich pulp and skins.

Health educators say juicing isn’t bad, but it is necessary to get those pulp fibers back into your diet.
“Take that pulp because it is left over after the juice so you can take that pulp and add it to your soups or something that you’re putting it in and smoothies, stuff like that,” Lisa McCoy said, University of Maryland Extension.

Though juicing can be beneficial, if you are doing it specifically for a cleanse. Health experts say your body has its own way of keeping toxins out. “Your body has its own natural cleansing process that’s part of the things that happen with the liver that the liver removes toxins automatically so you don’t need to go through a specific cleansing process,” said McCoy. 

However, if you are someone who doesn’t get enough fruits and veggies in your diet, juicing may be a good option for you as long as you provide yourself with fiber-rich pulp.

“Juicing is a good way to get fruits and vegetables in your diet more because you may not be eating as many fruits and vegetables but when you put them in a blender, you get more fruits and vegetables,” said McCoy.

If you are already a juicer or you want to try it, health experts say to make sure you drink the juice right away because antioxidants will decrease over time.