Two parents want to make a positive impact on the community by giving women the opportunity to recover from substance abuse.
Dana and Kevin Simmers created Brooke’s House in honor of their daughter who passed away due to a drug over dose in April 2015.
“I am truly on the front lines of the drug war I’m going to provide hope and promise to every lady who enters this facility and I give you my word,” Kevin Simmers said.
Hundreds of people gathered at the ceremony where Mr. Simmers expressed his thanks for those wanting to help women and others dealing with substance abuse.
Washington County officials, including Hagerstown Mayor Bob Bruchey, and County Commissioner Jeff Kline made their way to Technology Blvd. for the ceremony.
According to the Simmers, Brooke’s House will give women a safe and supportive environment to begin recovering from substance abuse. After month’s a planning, the family is happy to know that their efforts to save women’s lives is now here.