MARYLAND (DC News Now) — Walkers and cyclists encountered some disturbing messages along the Bethesda Trolley Trail Sunday morning. Swastikas and the words “white power” were spray-painted in bright red along the nearly five mile long trail.

It’s the second time this summer that anti-Jewish images and messages have been found at public places in Montgomery County. In June, anti-Semitic flyers were posted at a bus stop in Silver Spring.

Montgomery County Police started receiving calls about the graffiti early Sunday morning. By the time that county employees arrived to start covering up the graffiti, a good Samaritan — who first noticed the vandalism while riding his bike — had already started painting over the messages.

“It is crazy that you can put up Nazi symbols and not have any shame,” said Montgomery County Executive Marc Elrich in an interview with DC News Now. “You think about what this country and the world went through fighting fascists. And the idea that there are people around who think that putting up the signs of the Fascist regime as a symbol of Adolf Hitler… it’s just really disturbing.”

The graffiti was found directly on the walkway, as well as on a fence that’s right next to the trail. All that’s left now are faint outlines of what was spray-painted.

Capt. Stacey Flynn with the Montgomery County Police Department tells DC News Now that investigators are working with Park Police to get to the bottom of this. So far, no suspects have been identified.