ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WDVM) — Day One at the Maryland General Assembly in Annapolis… a busy schedule ahead.

With a $4.5 billion surplus, helped by the federal coronavirus relief, Governor LarryHogan has proposed a tax cut, especially to help retirees. Washington County Senator Paul Corderman is totally on board with that. At the start of this legislative session, Gov. Hogan made it clear that he wanted no pushback from the Democrats in the legislature.

“Especially for retirees, it’s one of the heaviest taxed states and we see our retirees flee our state each and every year,” says Sen Paul Corderman (R- Washington County), “so the governor has proposed to put that money back in the pockets of the people, deservingly so.”

Gov. Larry Hogan said, “we now can afford to do this. That’s usually the number one criticism we get from our colleagues across the aisle they say, ‘yeah we’d love to help our retirees and our families and our small business we just simply can’t afford to.'”

And it was decided this first day of the session to meet on just a “pro forma” basis without any major legislative action until later in the month — this to comply with covid public health and safety protocols for the next week or so.