PRINCE GEORGE’S COUNTY, Md. (DC News Now) — There has been a dramatic drop in crime during the month-long teen curfew in Prince George’s County, but do community members feel the curfew really worked?

Some community members told DC News Now say they saw differences when out and about in the county and others said they didn’t see any difference and the curfew was ineffective. Others believe there need to be more resources for teens at places like recreation centers or things will only return back to the way it was once this curfew expires.

Prince George’s County Police has only reported 3 violations since the teen curfew started on September 9th. Overall, crime in the county is down 64 percent. Some community members believe the curfew is working and should stay in effect for the foreseeable future. Jasmine Smith is afraid to let her kids outside to play. She bought different video game systems for her two children but they still want to play outside, but she is fearful of their safety.

“They should just make it forever. It’s not safe for children to be outside at a certain time tonight, because it’s a high crime rate in every area, definitely in this area, and it’s just not good,” Smith said. “It’s not good. I think we should keep it.”

Some say it’s too early to judge whether the curfew is truly working and would like to see the window extended.

“I don’t see that it’s working right now and I think it’s too soon to give it an accurate depiction to really judge whether or not it’s working. But I think it’s a good thing,” Katrina Sawyer said.

Others believe the bigger problem is the lack of resources for kids in the county saying more programs are a better crime deterrent than a curfew. Tyrone, who has a young daughter, believes forcing kids inside with nothing to stimulate their brains or serve as an outlet will only make matters worse. He also believes sports shouldn’t be the only outlet for kids and that the program offerings in the county need to be diversified.

“Probably put some tutors in there so they can have that, some video games for relaxation, some counselors for them to talk to you know when they’re frustrated and they might can’t talk to their parents about,” Tyrone said. “But I think if we took a poll and talked to the kids, see what interests them, and we got to, we can turn this thing around.”

Prince George’s County Police told DC News Now that the curfew will expire on October 10th and there are no plans to extend that in the future.