OXON HILL, Md. (DC News Now) — For the past 70 years, The Arc of Prince George’s has impacted the lives of hundreds of people in the disabled community. On Friday, dozens of people came together to celebrate this milestone at the Gaylord Convention Center.

“I have always felt a part of a family since I’ve been here at the arc,” said Nnena Wilson. “They deserve to have jobs. We deserve to have fun, we deserve to have friends and family, and friendships and family relationships. I believe that’s what The Arc brings to people with disabilities.”

Since 2019 Wilson dedicates her time to the resource center. She says it gave her a platform to achieve her dreams as a reporter interviewing those with disabilities.

“The Arc has changed my life because now I have an opportunity to show off [and] use the skills that I have learned in my in college,” she said.

The Arc offers various programs and services dedicated to enhancing the lives of those with developmental disabilities like advocacy, transitioning youth, job training, affordable housing, and more.

Chris Collins began working with The Arc years ago, he says their programs changed his life in many ways but especially with housing.

“I didn’t want to be cliche living at home with my mother. The Arc gave me my own place where I could sleep, I never have to worry about where my next meal is coming from,” said Collins.

Some people like Gabriel Wilson took advantage of the job training — which gave many people the tools to find a job. Now, Wilson uses those skills to also train others.

“Learning the value of work experience. [Although] you’re afraid a little bit and you want to overcome your fear,” he said.

The Arc not only helps those with disabilities but also their families. For nearly 20 years The Arc manager Melonee Clark dedicated her time to working for the resource center. She says it became a passion for her as she gave back to a place that helped her in her time of need.

“The Arc was one of the places that I went when I found out my daughter had a disability. I got my parent advocacy information from The Arc, I learned about long-term support services, and so I wanted to give back so that’s why I joined the team,” she said.

The 70th celebration featured music, awards, and presentations of photos throughout the years. Leaders say they plan to continue changing lives and making a difference in Prince George’s County with their services.