WASHINGTON (WDVM) — Actor Ken Jeong has starred in the Hangover movies and hosted the Masked Singer. While many say he is a great comedian, his journey with Dry Eye Disease has been no laughing matter.

Health experts say that in the United States, over three million people suffer from Dry Eye Disease — also known as DED. It occurs when your tears aren’t able to provide enough moisture for your eyes; without this moisture, your cornea can become infected or develop abnormal blood vessels that interfere with vision.

Experts say with more people looking at screens nowadays, it’s important to know the signs of DED.

“Signs include redness, irritation, feeling like there’s something in the eyes, sometimes even fluctuating blurry vision can be a symptom of dry eye disease. And so if you’re experiencing any of these symptoms I do think it’s really important to speak to your doctor because the underlying cause of dry eye disease is inflammation,” said Dr. Ashley Brissette, an ophthalmologist.

To promote awareness, Jeong is partnering up with ophthalmologists to inform the public about DED and share his experience.

From his long days spent on dusty, bright movie sets to the late nights he spent in the hospital during his time as a physician, Ken suffered from DED symptoms for more than two decades before seeking help.

Ken says after treatment and prescribed eye drops he is now able to see things more clearly and complete various projects within the entertainment world.

“I think it’s very important for people to get eye exams and contact your doctor if you notice anything unusual with your sight. You have to be your own advocate and speak up to protect your health,” said Jeong.

For more information, visit www.XIIDRA.com.

You can watch WDVM’s full interview with Jeong below.