HAGERSTOWN, Md. (WDVM) — The Jonathan St. cabin is a well-known historic landmark in the city of Hagerstown, and now a documentary is in the works to tell the story of the house’s restoration. But, according to the project’s executive producer, this film is about more than just 417 Jonathan St. — it’s about amplifying black voices in the Hagerstown community.

“The house is really a device, in a way, to tell the story of a tremendously vital community in a tremendously vital city,” said Russ Hodge, executive producer and president of 3 Roads Communications, Inc.

“The House on Jonathan Street” documentary was inspired when Hodge learned about the police car crash that nearly led to the demolition of the cabin. It was then that he teamed up with his son, an archeologist, to take on the task of telling the cabin’s story. And while the documentary does seek to uncover the history of Hagerstown’s black community, it will also bring attention to ongoing issues in the country, which date back to slavery.

“One of the things that we look to combat is that there is a wealth gap between white families and black families. And if you look at that, it’s about a tenfold wealth gap,” said Reggie Turner, cofounder of the Western Maryland Community Development Corporation, which was one of the documentary’s early partners.

Production and interviews for the project are just getting started, but the film’s producers hope to have it ready for air soon and expect the documentary to shed new light on Western Maryland city.

“Our goal is to have it on 300 public TV stations around the country in time for Black History Month next year,” said Hodge. “We’ve already received a letter from a public TV distributor saying that they found the project very interesting and would be happy to distribute it … It’s a story about Jonathan Street, it’s a story about Hagerstown, and it’s a story about America.”

So far, the project has raised $50,000 out of its $250,000 goal. And Turner expects to maintain momentum once the documentary is finished and to continue improving the region for underserved populations.

“There’s so much more to do. There are other structures that need to be saved. There are vacant lots that need to be developed,” said Turner.

The Community Foundation of Washington County has also partnered with 3 Roads Communications, Inc. to help fund the project and accept donations. You can donate here if you’d like to support the “The House on Jonathan Street” documentary.