FREDERICK COUNTY, Md. (WDVM) — Businesses are seeing a drastic shortage, a shortage in supplies, customers, and significantly a shortage in employees.

According to a report from the Forbes Small Business Economic Trends survey, over 60% of business owners reported a shortage of labor, and over 20% labeled the shortage as “critical” for their business operations. 

Some businesses owners in Frederick County are seeing this first hand, like Emily Snyder, co-owner of Rocky Point Creamery and Rocky Point Farm in Frederick County Maryland.

Snyder says it has been hard finding someone to help with the dairy side of her businesses. Snyder and her husband Chuck have been working seven days a week to keep their farm afloat since they do not have consistent help.

The couple says as businesses owners they have tried everything to attract employees.

“We asked colleges to put our ads, and we put out job searches through the Department of Labor. I feel like we’ve covered our bases, but maybe some people think we haven’t. It’s just tough, and I think other small business owners would say the same thing,” said Snyder.

In the city of Frederick, Chris Sparks, owner of Frederick’s first escape room, has seen a drastic change in labor shortage from 2019, when his company was recognized as one of the best places to work in Frederick.

Sparks says it has been hard to expand his businesses with the inconsistency of employees; however, he aims to create better opportunities to help employees thrive.

“When it comes to retaining and keeping employees, it’s always come down to the same thing. Making sure that their time is being compensated and they’re getting enough perks and rewards to make the time that they are giving you a worthwhile trade,” said Sparks.