ROCKVILLE, Md. (WDVM) — Maryland State officials are looking forward to significant changes when it comes to some of our major roadways, but it may cost drivers a hefty price.

Transurban is a company selected by Governor Hogan to build toll lanes across the American Legion Bridge and on I-270. The Australian firm suggests tolls be raised even higher before construction can begin. The Maryland Transportation Authority predicts the maximum toll would start at $3.76 per mile, in 2021, and rise to $4.17 per mile when the lanes open in 2026. For a 12-mile trip from the George Washington Parkway to I-370 at Shady Grove, that makes the toll $50.

The company told the state that toll rates need to go up even faster because of the “growth of congestion” after the new lanes open.

Ben Ross of the Maryland Transit Opportunities Coalition said, “People in Washington County, people in Frederick County and people in Montgomery and Prince George’s don’t like $50 tolls. The governor needs to put the public interest ahead of the profits of a private company.”

The plan goes before a public hearing in Rockville on Monday. The state’s Board of Public Works is expected to vote on July 28th.