HAGERSTOWN, Md. (WDVM) — The People’s Convoy could be leaving Western Maryland. After more than three weeks of camping out on the Hagerstown Speedway, the convoy’s leaders and volunteers are debating heading out west.

Organizers of the convoy said their next stop is California, explaining that 10 bills will be voted on next week which could affect COVID-19 mandates across America. Convoy leaders said that since California has historically led the nation in terms of COVID policies, they hope to stop the proposed bills before they are signed into law.

While the convoy could be saying goodbye to Hagerstown within the next few days, truckers said their mission is still far from over. One trucker from Missouri explained that he feels like most people don’t understand the number of sacrifices convoy members have had to make.

“I had to leave my family,” said Jesse, who asked for his last name to not be published for the sake of his privacy. “You know, a lot of people lost a lot of money. People have sold their homes to be here, people have cashed out their retirements to be here. People lost their jobs to be here to help fight for what is right.”

Jesse said it was hard to leave his young son at home, but also said he is willing to do what needs to be done to prevent restrictive mandates from being passed. While the road ahead has not been fully mapped out, the Missouri trucker explained that he’s willing to protest for however long he needs to.

“I just kind of do it day-by-day and see how things go,” Jesse said.

Leaders and organizers of the convoy said they had a meeting on Monday afternoon and the final decision will be made public as soon as possible. As of Monday afternoon, leaders told WDVM that the plan is to start the drive to California on Wednesday.