WASHINGTON COUNTY, Md. (WDVM) — The Washington County Sheriff’s Office recently received grant funding for a new jail-based medication-assisted treatment and reentry program.

House Bill 116 was passed a few years ago, which selected four counties to begin the new program. The legislation required jails to provide one of each type of medication-assisted treatment.

Historically, when a person would come into a jail or prison with an addiction — particularly to opiates — they would have to quit cold turkey.

Major Craig Rowe of the Washington County Sheriff’s Office says the money would be to assist them so the county doesn’t have to pay for the full amount of that Medicaid-assisted treatment.

“It is a more nicer way of having people treated in terms of having… (to quit) cold turkey because the effects of withdrawal are severe, and they can’t be, and we’ve seen that in the past,” Rowe said.