WASHINGTON COUNTY, Md. (DC News Now) — Budget stalemates could affect popular programs like Social Security, veterans benefits, food, and nutrition assistance.

Randall Long is a retired veteran trying to get by on his disability insurance. He is worried.

“If we don’t get paid for Social Security, I’ll be screwed,” says Long. “I draw SSDI,” the program’s disability insurance.

The stalemate is also causing anxiety for retiree Shirley Hoffman who lives in subsidized housing and struggles to make ends meet.

“If they do this and take my Social Security,” says Hoffman, “my bills aren’t going to be paid.”

Hoffman’s neighbor, Steve Panella, is a retired military veteran and says the gridlock in Washington is raising his blood pressure.

“Where am I going to go if I can’t pay my rent?” Panella asks. “My bills? If I can’t buy food? It’s bad enough they cut my food stamps.”

The uncertainty surrounding the negotiations between Capitol Hill and the White House is unsettling to these Hagerstown residents.

“I’m crippled right now,” says Long. “I got a bad hip and a bad spine. I just don’t know what I’ll do.”