WASHINGTON COUNTY, Md. (DC News Now) — During Governor Wes Moore’s first public works meeting, more than 229 million dollars were approved to go towards after-school childcare. Some of that money was awarded to the Boys and Girls Club of Washington County.

“The 2 million that we received from the state will go towards our capital campaign, which is called the empowerment campaign and it’s going to replace our building at Pennsylvania avenue,” said resource director, E.J. Fuller.

The Boys and Girls club building is about 100 years old and has been serving the Washington county community for 82 years but time has taken its toll on the structure.

“It’s falling apart, we have cracks in new cracks in walls and some places and we just had a structural engineer come out and just check the cracks to make sure that we could stay, and they said we have about a year left,” Fuller explained.

Among the many services the club provides, is childcare. A portion of the funding received will go towards expanding those services.

“It just takes a lot of stress on me. A lot of other parents as well, it’s been a game changer since it’s located right in our neighborhood,” said Mallory Dill.

Laura Stenburg is a single mother and has two children in the boys and girls club. She says the support offered is essential for full-time working parents.

“Being a single parent with four children obviously just the childcare services being able to work full time and maintain my job, maintain my career, and have a safe place for my kids to go after school is imperative,” said Stenburg.

“My work schedule fluctuates a lot. So, it allows for right after school, they can come here and then I can pick them up at a specific time or that can fluctuate left or right, so it just works out for me and for their mother,” said Chad Clagget.

Currently, the boys and girls club serves about 80 children, when the expansion is complete, they will be able to accommodate 125.