HAGERSTOWN, Md. (DC New Now) — The aviation industry is out to hire 125,000 technicians, mechanics and avionics pros in the U.S.

The Hagerstown branch of the Pittsburg Institute of Aeronautics, a vocational school which trains its graduates for such careers, held a job fair Wednesday to attract students.

“Manufacturing is really interesting right now,” Zack Duncan, an aviation tech student, said. “There’s a mechanic shortage [and] a pilot shortage but there’s also an aircraft shortage.”

Nisa Saras is also an aviation tech student.

“If I can get a tour scheduled with Lockheed [Martin] I will definitely start with that,” she said.

United Express Commuter Airlines recruiter, Kwasi Bandoh, said the turnout at the job fair was “really good.”

“Students and a lot of alumni are are still with us to this day based at Dulles and our hub in Denver,” Bandoh said.

Pittsburgh Institute said it is not unusual for students to get a job offer before they graduate and can expect to earn an annual salary starting at $65,000.