HAGERSTOWN, Md. (DC News Now) — The legacy of Martin Luther King Jr is something that is still seen in today’s world. To celebrate that legacy, the Hagerstown Community College (HCC) hosted a celebration for his work in the civil rights movement and reflected on how he still has an impact on people 100 years after his birth.

The theme for this year was, “History has thrust something upon me from which I can not turn away.”

Organizers said they wanted to focus on how Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. has inspired others to change history.

“Just what the theme for the day and being thrust upon you and being involved with it, that resonates with a lot of people,” Wendi Perry said.

Perry was one of the speakers for the celebration and was one of the first kids to attend school after integration. She said the work of MLK has called her to preserve African American culture.

“History has become for me a calling and it’s something I’m good at doing and it’s a real way of un silencing voices that aren’t often heard, and that’s why African American people need to have museums and documentation of their lives as well,” Perry explained.

People who weren’t around during his life still draw inspiration from him to take action themselves.

Larissa Fru Binwie is a nursing student at HCC. She said she’s inspired to change lives in her field the way MLK once did.

“I want to make a difference in my nursing fields, in the house, or with the people around me,” Binwie said. “So, looking or drawing motivation from a great man like Martin, that is what I’m looking forward to things that I want to do something like he was or an imitation of him.”

The event was also used to bring awareness to the rebuilding of the Doleman Black Heritage museum.