WASHINGTON COUNTY, Md. (DC News Now) — You don’t hear, “Lights! Camera! Action!” a lot in Washington County. (That’s Hollywood talk, right?) But L.A. and New York, watch your back!

Boonesboro, Md. was the site of a shoot for a horror thriller.

“If you go somewhere like L.A. or New York, people usually have their hand out to see what you can pay them to shoot their locations,” said Victor Fink, producer-director of The Farmhouse, a movie about three teens trapped on an abandoned farm. “Here in western Maryland they’re like, ‘Sure, we’d love to have you shoot a film here. That sounds awesome.”

Academy Award potential for a film shot in western Maryland?

“You know,” said Josh Land, co-producer and co-director of The Farmhouse, “in New York or L.A., it’s more about the business end of things. But here, it’s just about supporting each other and everyone creating what they can.”

The brains behind The Farmhouse, Dom Di Mercureo, has worked with big screen talents such as Robert Redford. He has produced a number of HBO productions.

“It’s so much more liberating here in western Maryland,” said Di Mercureo. “It is easier to work here. Sure, I think we can give L.A. and New York a run for their money.”

The Farmhouse will be featured at the Maryland International Film Festival in Hagerstown, which opens March 23. Nicole Houser with the festival sees huge potential for the Maryland-produced movie, explaining, “A lot of the films show at the festival are picked up by larger distributors like HBO or Hulu or Netflix or Paramount.”