HAGERSTOWN, Md. (DC News Now) — As the excitement grows for the new Hagerstown Baseball stadium, many residents wonder what their new name will be, luckily for them that decision lies with the people of Hagerstown.

For years the Hagerstown baseball team was known as the Suns. But, with a new stadium and a new team comes a new name and residents have plenty of ideas.

“I would call them the Warriors because there is a war in sports, the Hagerstown Warriors,” said Jerry Logan.

“Hagerstown sluggers? I can’t give you a reason why, but I just like that name,” said Tyrel Portner.

Some residents said even though the original Suns team is no more they would like to keep the name.

“I’ve always liked the Suns and people relate to that, so I think that’s a good idea,” said Jim Grubbs.

“Just needs to be local flavor something like Sunbirds maybe, I don’t know something like that,” said Rob Moxley.

Residents also voiced the importance of making the name unique to truly represent the history and essence of the city.

“They should keep the history of this city in mind and keep it something close to home,” said Grubbs.

Name suggestions are currently being accepted and people will be able to vote on their favorite team’s name between June 21st and July 7th. The person submitting the winning name will receive a special prize.

If you haven’t put in your entry for what the team’s name should be, well you still have about a week left to submit your name here.