WASHINGTON COUNTY, Md. (DC News Now) — It’s safe to say we have had an unpredictable winter season, and as we roll into the spring season, some people are wondering if we will see the same trend. With unpredictable weather comes complications when gardening.

Gardening expert Mabel Martin said good soil and preparing for unpredictable weather are the keys to a thriving garden.

“Not having heavy clay soil or heavy clay soil will hold moisture longer, and then when it does dry out, then it just gets hard. They can be wind burned and almost destroyed if you don’t protect them first before,” Martin explained.

While the weather is becoming favorable to start gardening, the potential for a late spring freeze needs to be factored in.

“We say our last frost date is May 10. … This is often when we say after that, you can plant anything. Before, if you were to put out tomatoes and peppers, you would have to protect them,” Martin said.

Martin has her own garden and saidshe hopes this spring will bring weather that works in her favor.

“We’re hoping for the right proportions of rain and sun,” Martin said. “That’s the main thing, with God’s mercy, he’s going to send the rain and he’s going to send the sun, and we need both for the plants to grow.”