HAGERSTOWN, Md. (DC News Now) — After high school graduation, most students get ready to go to a four-year college or even a community college, but that narrative is starting to change as more students are enrolling in trade school.

Hagerstown Community College’s trade program is among many seeing an uptick in students choosing to go into a trade program. One of the more popular programs is commercial vehicle transportation.

“I like to think we’re probably near the top of the bell curve right now. We’re seeing an increase in the number of women coming through the training is where multiple different cultures and diversities and we’re pretty much at full enrollment right now,” said Program Coordinator Mike Stevenson.

Trade programs often tend to be more affordable for students than getting a traditional four-year degree. It also many times guarantees a job for students after completing the program.

That’s why Caleb Rogers made the switch.

“I closed down my landscaping business many years, decided to switch gears, and decided to go with getting my CDL and change my career path. I already have a job lined up very easy to find in this market right now so, moving on, I would like to get out on the road and experience the United States through the windshield,” said Rogers.

For others, it gives them the opportunity to juggle other responsibilities at home.

“It’s just too much stress with all the kids after school events and you know, everything else going on. I just don’t have time so this frees up my schedule, and I can quickly get into the career,” said Antonio Pennesi.

HCC students involved in one of the trade programs also receive college credit towards a degree if they choose to get one after completing the program.