HAGERSTOWN, Md. (DC News Now) — It’s that time again when the red kettles are out and the bells are ringing to make sure everyone in Washington County has a good holiday.

“The Salvation Army is having its annual Kettle Kickoff, which is to draw attention to Salvation Army work here and in Washington County so that we can continue to serve and provide assistance for those in need in the community,” Commanding Officer, Donald Wilson, said.

For decades, the Salvation Army has always had a mission to help those in need around the holiday season. Tyler Rorr knows how helpful the Salvation Army is especially after his family received help from their angel tree when he was a child. Now he is back helping the same organization that helped him.

“When I was a child, I remember the excitement of going to the Salvation Army and then they did it at the actual Corp where you come with your family and receive your gifts at the Salvation Army,” Rorr explained. “So I just remember the excitement, and feeling the community being with other members of the community.”

This year the Salvation Army’s goal is to raise $85,000. ButWilson, who is the corps officer for the Hagerstown Salvation Army, said it could be hard to achieve.

“This past year, for example, our donations were down almost $250,000, but we had people dealing with food insecurity and It’s about 45% over last year,” he said.

Wilson hopes that the community will step up and help those in need.

“We’re concerned about the days after that when people are dealing with functionary issues, job issues prices, and their families so that we can be there to provide,” he said.

Seven locations around Washington County will have red kettles set up for donations until Dec. 23.