HAGERSTOWN, Md. (DC News Now) — Rachela Disandro’s husband, Anthony Donnelly, has been indicted for her murder.

The body of Disandro was found in May in the city park near the Jonathan Hager house. She had been homeless for some time.

“On Sept. 5, the Hagerstown Police Department sought indictment from the Washington County grand jury, and they were granted indictment on Mr. Donnelly for first-degree and second-degree murder and reckless endangerment and use of a dangerous weapon in a crime,” Lt. Andrew Lewis said.

Disandro’s godmother, April Compton, said she was surprised with how the investigation unfolded.

“That’s a scary thought because she loved him that much,” Compton said. “She trusted her life and everything to him and it’s really sad if this man did this to her.”

Compton said she thinks there could be something deeper going on and that perhaps Donnelly did not work alone.

“I’m excited that they do have someone in custody but like I believe there’s a little bit more to it,” she said. “I think someone else is involved. I’m hoping that they see that as well.”

Police did not comment on any other suspect. Donnelly will appear in court later this month, but Compton wants people in the community to take this situation and learn from it.

“The homeless community are people, they are people too,” she said. “Their lives matter as well, just because they’re homeless, doesn’t make them any worse, any bad, they’re just in a different situation than we are.”

Compton told DC News Now that she is planning a donation event for the homeless to receive supplies for the upcoming fall and winter seasons.